A Tonneau Good Reasons To Modify Your Ride

A Tonneau Good Reasons To Modify Your Ride

Sabrina Juliani6 comments

You’re probably reading this blog because you have a pick up truck. And if you’re like a lot of truck owners, you want your vehicle to look great and be practical. A tonneau cover is an awesome accessory that does both. A tonneau, or “tonno cover” as it’s often misspelled, rests or rolls over the rear cargo bay of your truck. And while there’s a ton of reasons why you’d want one - here’s six  that easily come to mind that haven’t strained the brain:


As you know, moving cargo can be tough enough on a good day. Toss in an insecure tarp, some wind, and rain and you have yourself a medley of moving day memories you’ll probably want to forget.

A tonneau cover is just what you need to tuck those valuable items away during transport. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather have my eyes on the road than on the rearview. Worry no more. Whether… or should we say, “weather” it’s snow, rain or sun, your tonneau has you covered - no matter what the conditions.


Even the best bungee can break. And we’ve all been witness to that vinyl tarp transitioning into a parasail. The last thing you want is to reach your destination with only half the truck cargo that you started with. And you certainly don’t want a conversation that begins with, “license, insurance and registration?” With a tonneau cover you can have peace of mind that the items you’re carrying will be there when you get there. Let’s face it - today’s traffic can get a little crazy - a tonneau cover lets you focus on the traffic not that tarp.


Unless you have deep pockets or a fetish for buying new tools, the last thing you need is to be replacing what you already have … or had. Think about it - you have insurance on your truck – why wouldn’t you have some insurance for your truck’s contents? And even if your truck insurance covers you for lost or stolen, you probably already spend waaaay too much time in a big box store. Is that how you want to be remembered?

A tonneau cover really can prevent that call to the claims department.

Organization & Style

Ever had company arrive with no notice? You know those guests are passing judgment on that mess in the living room. Your truck is an extension of your life. And while everyone knows that things can get a bit out of hand on occasion, a tonneau cover helps you de-stress about the mess. A tonneau cover allows you to cram chaos out of site - allowing you to transition from work to weekend with no fuss. While you’re out on the town you’ll know your work is close - but it sure won’t look that way.

Image does count.

Gas Mileage

Have you ever had the embarrassing experience of walking the edge of a busy roadway with a Jerry can in tow? If you have, you know it’s not fun. We’ve all done it – rolled the dice while the gas gauge hovers on “E”. Some of the factors that can help improve gas mileage include: proper tire pressure, strategic accelerations, and highway driving. Another consideration is the ability to reduce wind resistance on your vehicle. A tonneau cover can help with that. And while improved gas mileage isn’t the primary reason you’d buy a tonneau, it may be one of many factors that can help you avoid that lonely walk of shame.

Resale Value

Mileage and service records aside, a tonneau cover can help with the resale of your pick up. “Does it come with a tonneau cover?” might very well be the question you’re asked.  And it makes sense because aside from the ride, this prospective buyer knows that a tonneau-equipped truck has additional value. This buyer knows that a truck with a tonneau will include protection, safety, security and style.

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Stacey Cartmell

Just purchased the Fold Back 2.0 for my 2019 Rebel. I replaced my factory soft tri-fold from Dodge. The fit and finish is better than the factory original. Great value for the money as well as unmatched customer service. Patrick was courteous and professional. He installed it for me and I was back on the road in about a 1/2 hour. I would highly recommend this cover. Great bang for the buck. Thanks CW Limited.


Just finished the easy install of the trifold 2.0 on my 2022 F150. Product looks and operates great. Shipped the next day for free and at less than half the price of a dealer installed product, why would you not get a CWLimited tonneau cover


On April 22nd I had my original Ford tri-fold cover replaced with a CW tri fold back 2.0. The Ford cover failed terribly by becoming saturated with water, only 6 years old. The new cover looks and operates so much nicer very easy to operate and flip, Under 30 minutes for installation and I was on my way. What a great product. I wouldn’t waste my money on any other more expensive brand!
Thanks again.


Just purchased a tonneau cover for my 2021 F150. After a lot of research, I decided to go with CW Limited and was not disappointed, Delivery was extremely fast. Quality is of the Fold Back 2.0 is comparable to higher priced name brands, Installation was quick and simple and it looks great on the truck.

Thank you


I just recently purchased a 2013 f150 that has a cover just like the ones on your website. It unfortunately is missing the bar that goes across the back and latches. I was wondering if you sell replacement parts

Ron belisle

Can you e mail installation instructions for the soft roll tonneau cover 2017 Silverado crew cab

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