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Installing your Flush-Mount Tonneau Cover

Sabrina Juliani

Here at CW, you could say we know quite a bit about Tonneau covers and what goes into the process of installing them, but we shouldn't expect everyone to feel the same. Although the installation of a cover is a relatively simple process - some common hiccups have been expressed to us - and we’re looking to address these here to ease the installation process for you. 

A Tonneau Good Reasons To Modify Your Ride

Sabrina Juliani5 comments

You’re probably reading this blog because you have a pick up truck. And if you’re like a lot of truck owners, you want your vehicle to look great and be practical. A tonneau cover is an awesome accessory that does both. A tonneau, or “tonno cover” as it’s often misspelled, rests or rolls over the rear cargo bay of your truck. And while there’s a ton of reasons why you’d want one - here’s six  that easily come to mind that haven’t strained the brain...