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Essential Tips for Maintaining Your Aluminum Tonneau Cover

Sabrina Juliani1 comment

Investing in an aluminum tonneau cover for your pickup truck not only enhances its functionality but also adds a touch of style. To ensure that your tonneau cover continues to perform optimally and retains its appearance, regular maintenance is crucial. In this blog, we will share some essential tips to...

Installing your Flush-Mount Tonneau Cover

Sabrina Juliani1 comment

Here at CW, you could say we know quite a bit about Tonneau covers and what goes into the process of installing them, but we shouldn't expect everyone to feel the same. Although the installation of a cover is a relatively simple process - some common hiccups have been expressed to us - and we’re looking to address these here to ease the installation process for you. 

A Tonneau Good Reasons To Modify Your Ride

Sabrina Juliani6 comments

You’re probably reading this blog because you have a pick up truck. And if you’re like a lot of truck owners, you want your vehicle to look great and be practical. A tonneau cover is an awesome accessory that does both. A tonneau, or “tonno cover” as it’s often misspelled, rests or rolls over the rear cargo bay of your truck. And while there’s a ton of reasons why you’d want one - here’s six  that easily come to mind that haven’t strained the brain...